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Bernie V
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just an update with the boxing. first I want to say I agree with your take Jim. ma-ai
is not everything, you may have no choice but engage.
To what Thalib said, I agree that fighting a
grappler is the best choice. but right now I want to explore one type of style which could very well be used by a grappler. believe me I want to explore kicks,holds, chokes, rushes, etc. But that is for later threads.

I haven't been doing any sparring lately. my boxing instructor has shown me some boxing techniques. I don't want to be a boxer but seeing how a boxer thinks and acts helps in defense. I got some more insight from my sensei because he has had some experience
with fighting people using boxing skills. what he suggests is continually circling to the ukes weak side and seek an oppurtunity to use a technique that way. for instance, if he is leading with his left hand and jabbing with it, you circle to that side so you are facing his shoulder. you use extention by keeping in contact with your hands between his elbow and shoulder. this in a sense traps his arm and he is going to try to circle with you to square off again. getting more behind him is even better because he will have a harder time
pulling that left foot back to square off and will also set you up nicely to do
irimi nage ( from the book Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere it is called kokyu nage). hopefully I will get a chance to try it. until then....

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