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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

<Left Field>

Hi Thread,
Dan Harden wrote:
I know I am messing with folks art and their teachers. But honestly. I think in the end, it will help. As Ikeda pointed out in his article I posted here about summer camp..... "We need to start doing things completely different." Go yell at him too. As I said many times. Aikido....full the wrong direction.
George L wrote:
There's a movement within the Aikido community ... <snip> ... The martial aspect of the art is being downplayed to the point at which it really is in danger of not really being a form of Budo any more... <snip> ... If someone's ego gets a bit twinged by their delivery, well, suck it up, this is Budo. Look at the content, forget about the delivery and make your Aikido better
... amen to all of the above, and those who are willing to help with the "how to".

For those spectating this thread and thinking something like "Man, I'm never going to learn <Th3 R3aL W1Ng cHUn> " ... well, to those who might be feeling like that...

- give some thought to why you're training what you're training.
- be honest.
- if it really does involve any of the stuff being discussed in this thread, then get out there and start to nose around.

There are certainly numerous dead ends, but the internet is making these days a brave new world. Its not that hard. I suggest that the more people who improve, the more people in general will improve. Which makes it all the more fun for everyone

And as George L mentioned, there is plenty more in aikido than just the (internal) power stuff. Just depends what you're looking for. But if I were going to class because I liked the drinks afterwards, I'd be sleeping better at night if I said I was more involved with a social club than learning bujutsu...

(Not meaning to come across as a @#$%, but just trying to call a spade a spade.)

</Left Field>

Dave Findlay

Dave Findlay
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