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Originally posted by Thalib
First of all, how was the conflict caused?...
For the sake of the original question on the forum, this question is irrelevant.

...Because when the desire to win is involved, then it becomes a competition...
Look up your definition of competition. I call this a fight.

...If one did not accept the challenge to a fight, the conflict is resolved to some point...
Tell that to the Tibetans, or the Holocaust survivors. Ignoring the conflict does not always make it go away.

...Did a boxer just come in and suddenly attack? One will have a different frame of mind. Now it is about defending oneself, survival. In this case, anything goes, no rules. Kicks, choke-holds and knee-to-the-groin can apply, but not need to...
This reminds me of karate competitions, where all these karate people train in all these kata and correct form, and then when they get to face off, everything they learned gets thrown out the window and they wind up thrashing around like a pair of drunken monkeys. What are you going to take from the dojo in the real world, besides the philosophy of peace and love?

...We all can discuss which techniques is best until the sun don't shine anymore...
I don't remember talking about any techniques. As a matter of fact, most of what has been said has been in regard to proper distance and closing distance.

...I prefer to practice with grapplers, they do everything: kicks, punches, grabs, tackles, choke-holds, etc...
I prefer to practice with people who agree to take care of me, even in dangerous situations, and who help me grow, even when it's uncomfortable.

...One mustn't try to win, but one must to end the conflict.
This is what I was talking about, and is just plain foolish.
Limiting veiws of correct engagement weakens ability and creates openings...
If you don't practice with the right intent, your ability will reflect that, regardless of whether it is in the dojo or at your job. How can we practice conflict resolution if there is no conflict?

Jim Vance
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