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Re: Irimi or Omote?!!!

Thanks Jo for your input.
There is a ki exercise which you may be familiar with called ushiro tekubi ??kosa?? undo. Where one imagines one's wrists being held from behind. Nick-named "the bulls horns".
We call it 'ushiro tekube tori zenshin undo'. We do another version of it as well with back stepping and we call it 'ushiro tekube tori kotai undo'
1. Are using these 4 words together is a further development by late Ueshiba family to explore different tai sabaki and to give more accurate description?

2. Or were these adverbs been already used in combos together at the time of O'sensei?
I think both Aikikai honmbu dojo at the time of Koichi Tohei sensei as a dojo cho and Yoshinkan Aikido use the basic wazas that has either Irimi and/or Tenkan (ichi/Ni) versions for the attacks. Later on, IMHO, with more options on how to enter and turn and the relative position of nage at the point of applying the technique, the combination use of the words Irimi, tenkan, omote & ura started. But again that's my observation only
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