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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

I hesitate to respond as I feel the post was squarely aimed at others. But I feel compelled to point out that you seem to have somewhat compartmentalized these skills as
a. Internal strength as sort of static strength against a push.
b Use of Martial skills, and Japanese format in particular- as a separate entity.

The Internal skills-are- Aikido.........
Pushing? Is a test. Not the real use of these skills in motion.

I will only speak for myself in that I would be willing to "do" Aikido as a fighting form along side anyone. I have been using these skills and others in a fighting form for a very long time. It is my view that these skills are at the core of higher level technical skill often seen. And to use them in an art like Aikido; capturing someones center in motion on contact, while it is coming in-in either a punch or grab and manipulating it is standard fair and a fairly rote way to express these skills. And doing so with less agressive attacks of Aikido is easier than in a more intense format.
Even things oft seen in Aikido like being magnetic, and not being able to help but to follow. Them feeling as if they cannot let go. etc etc..many of the things you see mainifested IN Aikido you will see and feel in those who start to understand these things. They are in the Chinese arts As well.

And as umpopular as it sounds... I wonder just how many there are who don't know how to teach these skills outside of their technique.

For me the real issue is
a. Whether or not a person has the skills.
b. Wether or not they can access and use them in a freestyle fighting format
c. Whether or not they can teach

So strictly in an academic sort of question of the practical values in a fighting sense; I'd postulate that anyone with a measurable level of these skills could do aikido with perhaps a very surprising level of competency.

Does that sound awful. It really isn't.
The Internal skills-are- Aikido.........
Pushing is a test. Not the real skills used in fluid motion and connection.
Ueshiba was fluid. So was Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo etc. And so are others with any measure of these skills.
Should we expect less of ourselves?

If I misunderstood your apologies

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