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Re: Practical internal training ?

Christian Moses wrote:
While I appreciate their effort and realize their work had the best intentions, it's my opinion that "The Dynamic Sphere" has done more to obfuscate the real core of aikido than just about any other published work. They simply were not in a position (in terms of their own understanding or training) to offer THE book on the nature of Aikido. I'm sure others will disagree with me greatly (although I would be surprised if Dan, Rob or Mike do).
Back in the seventies, none of the Americans had a clue... the senior folks in American Aikido were 4th Dans when I started which was when that book was out.

Everybody just assumed that "circular" or "spiral" movement was what Aiki was about. There are still plenty of folks, as evidenced by this forum, whose limited view of what is doing on has to do with the outer form of the movement. That book was fine in its day but it had absolutely nothing to contribute with regards to the principles of kokyu, aiki, musubi, etc that are under discussion.

However, I will say this for the book... it was by far the single biggest source for Aikido illustrations for all of our publications in the early days before desk top publishing and general ownership of scanners. There was a period of time when every Aikido ad or flyer used their illustrations. Good thing they didn't feel like going after all of us for copyright issues...

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