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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Robert John wrote:
Sword and Spear/Staff work are inter-related, or at least I've found so in my own training.
The internal "saggital" plane work done with spear/staff is directly applicable to sword work, and its the stepping stone to examining other components of internal work.

Myself, training goes something like this:

Solo Work (non weapons) -> Builds physical realizations of certain properties/harmonies.

Said properties/harmonies are put into weapons work, such as spear or cutting. Test and train these realizations with the weapons, which again help the body to realize other factors

Said factors are then put into Solo Work(sans weapons) etc etc.
Its a never ending feedback loop.

Partner work and sparring fit into this feedback loop of course, but they're more of a barometer than a developer if you ask me.

My two cents anyways.

Practicing with any kind of weapon should reveal any "imbalances" you have in your body movement/alignments. Which is why long weapons that exert leverage on the body are used since you can't use "muscle" to wield them. Practicing on a 6 foot bokken quickly whips the bodies alignments into shape

Thanks for taking the time to detail your experience. The point about emptyhands and weapons training forming a feedback loop in training internal connection is a good one . . .maybe it is a basic idea, but sometimes the two types of training seem taught in a disconnected manner, as if one doesn't have anything to do with the other, even though the training is for the same body/mind.
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