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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Wow....I can't keep up with you guys. I have to go work.

David Knowlton wrote:

Thanks Dan. If you can make aikido better by irritating the hell out of some of us sometimes, then so be it. Please don't be surprised when we are rude - we take some of your comments as rude. So be it.

Scientists have mathematics - we have only english, and limited patience with one another.

This is what ...I.... try to do to make Aikido better
Go to open discussions and read.

My experience with Dan Harden

-I spent the night from 7:30 -midnight. With a couple of guys to get them started on basics. And put my own guys aside.

Meeting with Dan Harden in Boston
I drove for and hour taught, and took Mark to dinner.

I am offering to put my body where my mouth is the best I can of charge... to help. Say what you will. And I'll let you be the judge of what I get and have gotten in return.
Re-read Mikes replies. He gives a fairly even handed assessment of what it is like to be looking.... from this end.

I know I am messing with folks art and their teachers. But honestly. I think in the end, it will help.
As Ikeda pointed out in his article I posted here about summer camp..... "We need to start doing things completely different."
Go yell at him too.
As I said many times.
Aikido....full the wrong direction.


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