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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

The problem for the vast majority of Aikidoka out there is that we have been told what we are doing or what our teachers are doing is internal and comes from the center. Naturally, when we feel what our instructors do we assign their mechanics to the moving from the center category because that is what we are told they are doing. In other words we have been dictated to what the center should feel like without really knowing if that is truly what the center should feel like. Most Aikidoka have no comparable frame of reference. Of course, there are the students out there that get up in arms with even the hint that they and/or their instructors are not truly moving from their center.

These threads always seem to get to the same sticking points. I encourage people to get out there and find these people so you can put your hands on them and feel what they are talking about. Trust me you are going to be surprised and a lot of realizations will come to you about how this art developed and may have gotten off course. Maybe the next Aikiweb workshop can include an "internal" guy or two.

Theories on paper are nice but the lab is where the work is done.

Tim Anderson
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