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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

David Knowlton wrote:
Dan, did you read my post about 'the leverage provided by a slightly resistive uke' making it easier to do (a different) throw? I really would like to discuss along those lines as that is how I understand (feel) the internal. I think Erick Mead understands too, but a common language seems to be missing. Scientists have mathematics - we have only english, and limited patience with one another.
I think Dan put it fairly clearly, Dave.... part of the problem is that the conversations get into cross-purposes where people are assuming that what they *think* is "internal" is not what Dan is talking about. So your jump-shift suddenly back into what you think is "internal" (I don't think this is the word to use, frankly) potentially takes us back again.

The best thing for people to do is go get a "feel" for what the discussion is about. People who studied at workshops with Ushiro got a "feel" for some of the ways he uses power. Tohei's "ki tests" focus on this way to use power. Ueshiba is shown on film using this kind of power in various formats. The idea is to establish a verified common vocabulary rather than talk past each other with various "feels" for what "internal" means or, worse yet, to continue on with the insistence that someone *knows* what this stuff is. I've seen this situation come up so many times where when you finally meet up with someone, what they think they can do has very little to do with the subject in reality.

And to use Dan for a scapegoat for a moment, what he said can be construed as somewhat rude in regard to the status and respect for some instructors, but let's turn it around for a second and think about what it's like for the person who is friendily showing people how to do something, but he keeps getting hammered with a lot of claims and arguments that experience has shown to be usually empty. After a while you develop a defensive reaction dealing with the people who "already know that stuff", when it's pretty obvious that they don't. So there's a question of, I'll forego someone's comment about ego, some people believing their own press that needs to be addressed.... and the best way is to just get out there and meet. Time's a-wastin'.


Mike Sigman
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