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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Mike Sigman wrote:
Oh no... are you striking back at with an imaginary "Mike o meter" because your feelings got hurt??? I hope not!!!
No feelings hurt, just slightly bored with the predictability of respose.

Let me say it once again, Mark. If someone does something well, I'm anxious to tell him. If someone does something poorly, I'll tell them. I said I haven't seen you, so I withold judgement and you turn it into a personal attack.
You are making personal judgements all the time in print , up front, no holding back, surely pointing something out that you do for a past-time is hardly an attack?

Secondly, you're not even in the same breath with Seisaki Abe.
Most probably not, I don't claim to be, I do not know him and I'm sure he is very good. However, unless you've practiced with both him and me, you are not in a position to make the statement. Sorry Mike, that is just the ufortunate position one is in when sitting in judgement. Not that that will stop you

You *may* have some skills, but I've seen nothing you've written to support that beyond the rudiments. Maybe I'm wrong. Let's say I am.
Yes, let's! What I chose to write is not the totality of my aikido practice. I personally think that the forums are the least useful place to discuss 'skills'. The only decent place to explore them is in the dojo.

Anyway, since when did you become the arbiter of what passes for skill in aikido? hence my comment about the Mike-o-meter. I understand that you do have had some aikido experience in the past but you no longer practice. Perhaps you have gone beyond what aikido can offer you, perhaps not. You do undoubtedly sit in judgement of aikidoka 'in general' and also when you chose to be, very specific.

I'd still be reluctant to say too much positive without seeing what you do because I've personally seen (over the years) that when you give a positive appraisal, too many people immediately think "Aha! I'm there already".
The day I start practicing with the thought of "looking for Mike's approval" in my mind is along way off. If I came to you and I found that you had as much to teach me as my present teacher, I may think differently. This remains to be seen

I'm just like many aikidoka on on these fora and even those who aren't, we practice what we are taught with as much sincerity as possible, some of us reach the place where we pass on what we have gained. Most of us are happy that we have found an art that engages us so fully. Even though we know that there are those who think that aikido is "useless" in real combat, even though there are people who say that aikidoka are 'lacking' in all sorts of areas'. It doesn't stop us from continuing. We may be flawed Mike, but my guess is that you are no different.

I don't claim any position of authority, as I don't judge other aikidoka, other than those I teach and train with. I have much to learn and I am aware of my own shortcomings, which gives me plenty of material to work with for the rest of my time on the aikido mat.

So fine... you worry about the "Mike O Meter" and make clever comments, but also consider the idea that we might meet someday and those clever remarks could come back to haunt you.
As I said I'm not worried, but it is true that everything we put out in the public domain could come back to haunt us, and that goes for you too

And yeah... I'm goading to you to get better and better so you can impress the hell out of me. If I complimented you, you'd get lazy.
Ah that's better, the subtle stuff was only a passing fancy

I may chose not to respond to your goading in the future Mike, please don't take it personally. I know you are just thinking of my progress, but I'll stick with my current training, and as I said, I'm not in it to impress you.

Also most readers will be bored with my to-ing and fro-ing with you, cluttering up the thread.

Anyway back to you, Mike


p.s. If anyone thinks I am being overly offensive to Mike please let me know. I am keen to maintain some form of balance, and would be happy to listen to any advice.

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