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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Thanks Ron.

Thanks Dan. If you can make aikido better by irritating the hell out of some of us sometimes, then so be it. Please don't be surprised when we are rude - we take some of your comments as rude. So be it.

Several of my posts indicate I was tortured by a psychopath to the tune of having the ligaments in my groin torn out with a channel lock. So, I can't do - right now.

Dan, did you read my post about 'the leverage provided by a slightly resistive uke' making it easier to do (a different) throw? I really would like to discuss along those lines as that is how I understand (feel) the internal. I think Erick Mead understands too, but a common language seems to be missing. Scientists have mathematics - we have only english, and limited patience with one another.

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