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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

David Knowlton wrote:

The internal is there in my instructors - you sir, don't own it, and talk is cheap.

What a ridiculous thing to say to me. Since finally get what we have been saying all along (did you have trouble reading?)
Then see if you can address the only problem we -do- discuss.
a. That it is not openly taught

What I wrote in was yet another experience I have had with Aikidoka now feeling it and either saying they have felt it here and there, or not all, but that the specific ways to do it and train it are not taught.
Those are their words Dave, not mine

This is great for you Dave that you have, as you say, a teacher who can do these things. If you have teachers who can demonstrate it- then I assume I can meet you and you can do these things? Answer______________ ?
So that was ten years ago?
So you're pretty well versed and capable with these skills... yes?
If not...why not?

Or if you like so many are being told it takes twenty years....or that it is in the techniques? You are not being told the truth. The basic bodywork can be taught as a separate adjunct to any a short period of time and it gets better the more you train it.

And Dave, my position continues to be supported and strengthened the more I continue to meet folks. They talk, but can't do, they defend a teacher (who supposedly can do) yet they cannot... because they were taught the very teacher they defend.

And Dave talk isn't cheap. It can get very expensive when folks meet.... hands-on and they really have no skills to argue with.
What I say to those who meet me and comment on my power is don;lt bow to me.If you want to bow go bow to the pictures on the wall. I didn't invent this stuff.
Better yet, go ask....if they supposedly know... why you haven't been taught?

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