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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement


For some reason this rankles me less than the last time you said something like it:
So, thier views were that it is not openly taught in Aikido , is rarely seen, and even their most trusted teachers do not teach the how to's. This was a very critical comment they stipulated. That here and there they felt some things... but that no one.... taught the how to's.
I find your candor appealing - same reason I like to argue with Erick Mead, Nagababa, and yourself - because I'm cut from the same cloth: I'm sure I'm right and I love a good fight! Poor aikidoka, I know.

Won't speak to the 'rarely seen' portion, as seeing is in the eyes of the seer. I will say that the concept of 'center' was not spoken of in judo training AT ALL by my first Sensei. When I told her I felt my nervous system being rewired (I was 15) she smiled warmly and said "That's fine. Please continue practicing your techniques."

One more thing - I trained with a student of Akeda Sensei and when I gripped his wrist I was afraid - I felt like I had gripped a branch of an oak, but one that could both root and move with power. Twenty years ago I shook Akeda Sensei's hand - and I began trembling! I've never felt such power. He simply smiled and asked if I would be training at the seminar.

The internal is there in my instructors - you sir, don't own it, and talk is cheap.


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