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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

I came from a Hapkido background and entered my Aikido training with that same mindset (Hard Aikido). I've been in law enforcement for years and originally felt I needed a hard style for the street. I was wrong. I now know that I need to be soft. I think becoming soft is a road we all need to take at our own speed. I'm a bit thick-headed so it took me longer then most.

At one time I always did my Aikido thinking how you train is how you fight. This is true with firearms but not necessarily true of Aikido. I leave the job at the job now and study Aikido to become a better person and Aikido stylist. The longer you study the softer you become and the smaller your circles become.

I guess what I'm saying is if you give 100% to your Aikido training it will work when you need it and soft will become hard when it needs to be. It has always worked for me and I've needed it more then a few times over the years. It never seems to look as good on the street as in the Dojo but I always seem to be in small spaces and have all that duty gear on. I hope I said it right. I'm just chiming in not saying anyone is wrong. Thanks…

Stay Safe
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