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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Well, as I mentioned I had a few more Aikido guys in to train tonight. I'll let them write in if they choose...but suffice to say they have followed much of the ________ written in on the forums doubting these skills and the validity of thier use in Aikido. Interestingly this is the second time I have met Aikido guys who have made the rounds and felt a veritible who's who of AIkido teachers and shihan....... Including having experience with some of the detractors here.

We concentrated on training them in some basics and solo exercises.
Since they both teach I showed them things to work on including the Aikidoka's hanmi (a pet peeve of mine) a source of weakness for many. Since they both have teaching responsibilities, I reluctantly agreed to do a small....very small....seminar (for a donation to the dojo only.. no charge from me) in Conn. to help get Aikidoka going on some of these things. and to meet them every other month or so to go over things.
I must admit it was fun hearing his views after his reading all this stuff .....then feeling it up close and personal.

Maybe its interesting that no one who has met Mike or Rob or me has reported back in yet counter the value in training. and have
a. reported a comfortable atmosphere
b. The openess of each of us
c. Their personal views that these skills have value in "thier" eyes for Aikido.

So, thier views were that it is not openly taught in Aikido , is rarely seen, and even their most trusted teachers do not teach the how to's. This was a very critical comment they stipulated. That here and there they felt some things... but that no one.... taught the how to's. I said, one group at a time .
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