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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Erick Mead wrote:
Here is a place where it is easy to illustrate why concepts matter to practice. Sword cuts are the basics. You do not display in that statement any understanding of the concept of hasuiji or how it relates to the extension of ki and expression of your kokyu skills in performing a sword cut.

The principle of hasuji is the complement, in the delivery of a cut, of juji (cross shape) in receiving it. Any blade entry angle other than absolutely dead on the perpendicular to the line of cut will stop it and dissipate the cutting energy.

Wielding the sword in this manner is the beginning of wielding your enemy in exactly the same manner, letting the willing instrument do the work for you -- under proper guidance.
That's cool, Erick, but are suggesting that you do sword as a prelude to Aikido then? I don't want to get too deeply into cutting with a sword or the release of energy in strikes, etc., but I don't think you really understand what's going on. The essence of a proper sword strike is jin/kokyu. Same that it's the essence of calligraphy. You simply don't understand the concept.

Where have you seen that you need to do sword strikes in order to understand kokyu? Weapons are generally considered second to empty-hand understanding of power, except in pure weapons arts. If you think striking with a weapon is somehow a necessary pre-requisite for Aikido techniques, I think you're missing a tremendous area of knowledge.


Mike Sigman
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