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Re: Behavior

Jill Nielsen wrote:
Since practicing aikido for more than ten years, I am more calm in tense situations, more confidence and a bit less clutzy.
I'm not at the ten year mark yet, but I can understand.

Jill Nielsen wrote:
I am also much less likely to be intimidated by bigger people (most are bigger than me.)
Yup, I know all about being little.

Jill Nielsen wrote:
No trouble meeting problems head on, I get that "entering" feeling from randori when there is a problem at work, at home, whatever. I want to take care of a problem quickly, though, so sometimes I have to wait for those around me to catch up.
lol. Sometimes I think it bothers my boss when she presents me with a problem or a special task and I just smile and say "Okay." Being here with a bunch of worriers, I get some pretty strange looks at the meetings!

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