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Mike Sigman
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Re: Practical internal training ?

Cady Goldfield wrote:
Perhaps a lot of that situation is a Western phenomenon. How many people in our "gotta get it now" society are committed to a long-term, deep -- even lifelong -- pursuit of something so esoteric? Especially when an external kick, punch or joint lock is instant gratification?
I'm not sure, Cady. It's *possible* that part of the problem also could have been some get-it-now-got-it-now Japanese teachers could have been part of the problem in the chain, too. I'm just not sure... so I don't want to download on just the westerners.
Maybe the "moral-ethical" question is, does one offer it up to all comers, in hopes that some will stick it out and learn fully? Continue to be a voice crying in the wilderness? Or does one save it and "give" it only to the ones that prove their mettle?
Personally, while I tend to be fairly open with what little I do know, there are things beyond basics that I wouldn't freely give to people I thought didn't meet certain criteria. Each person has to make their own decisions in that regard, though.


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