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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Practical internal training ?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Part of the problem in these discussions is this sort of blanket statement. I most certainly have met people that I believe have these aikido. I won't speak to whether or not they teach them well, teach them intentionally, withhold them, etc...or to the level that they have them.

I will say that a dojo like Akuzawa's has made me rethink the whole idea of whether or not they can be directly taught...and in a relatively short time.
Didn't mean to be the wet blanket, Ron.
I see any appearance of internal skills within aikido proponents as being the Great Hope of aikido's future. But I can't help suspecting that aikidoka who have these skills are not getting them from within mainstream aikido or post WWII aikido. However, the source of this return of an internal component isn't as important as is the fact that it is happening.

Dunno how quickly they can be learned in a form deep enough to be applicable to a system's external techniques. One traditional route is to teach the external technical stuff first, then learn the internal after. Then, you apply the power of the internal skills to "turbocharge" the technique tool kit you already have. Most people don't want to learn the internal stuff first, if they came into MAs to learn "fighting skills." They usually want to learn how to joint-lock, throw, punch, kick, etc. right away because that's what they see as effective MAs.
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