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Re: Practical internal training ?

Cady Goldfield wrote:
I have been hearing about those indications as well, that Ueshiba did teach those things pre-war. Note that I state that it's his "later" aikido in which the internal component is lacking from the curriculum. It could have been philosophical on his part, could have been the result of becoming "jaded" by then (not wanting to waste "pearls" on students he didn't feel were "worthy"), or could have been the result from pressure on the outside (i.e. various schools of Daito-ryu) to stop teaching them outside a Daito-ryu context. I do believe, judging from his unusually close relationship with Takeda, that Ueshiba must have acquired genuine, high-level skills.
Or it could be that he just didn't teach much in the post war era. Most of 'his' uchideshi after the war were really students of Tohei and the other shihan of the hombu dojo after all.

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