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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Practical internal training ?

why is there no indication at all that aikido today has it?
Part of the problem in these discussions is this sort of blanket statement. I most certainly have met people that I believe have these aikido. I won't speak to whether or not they teach them well, teach them intentionally, withhold them, etc...or to the level that they have them.

I will say that a dojo like Akuzawa's has made me rethink the whole idea of whether or not they can be directly taught...and in a relatively short time.

It kind of goes without saying that these skills are not widely spread...and that even when present, knowledgable people might disagree on how well developed. But to say that they do not exist in aikido today at all, anywhere is a bit of a stretch. I've trained in a bunch of places, with a bunch of folks, and I have no where near exhausted what is available out there.

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