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Re: Practical internal training ?

Ellis Amdur wrote:
Several shihan had described Ueshiba telling them, in essence, "look - I'm going to teach you the real thing - and doing so in a matter of a week or so." I think after the war, with his spiritual focus - he was not averse to others learning what he knew, but he was not interested in making an effort. I will assert that he openly showed things (note his astonishing jo, so different from what came afterwards). But I think his attitude was, either from some spiritual motive or whatever else, that if he showed it, the suitable would pick it up.
I still wonder what it was that Tohei showed when he called all those special meetings, etc. There's no doubt that Tohei has skills, although how complete his skills are/were I don't really know since I've only been privy to scattered anecdotes over the years. Ueshiba's skills were far more complete than I thought, based on the limited information we had available in earlier times (not to mention my own perceptions were heavily skewed by not knowing anything about those skills).

One of my side-thoughts is that if we can get someone to tell some of what Tohei showed at those special meetings, we can extrapolate what he considered to have been missing among the deshi, so we can get a glimpse of what Ueshiba actually showed, etc.


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