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Mike Sigman
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Re: Practical internal training ?

Christian Moses wrote:
Here's my question. And by the way, I don't discount your teacher's ability or where he learned it at all. But how many people at your school do you think can also perform on this level? The problem I have with how this sort of thing is 'taught' in aikido/ki-aikido is that it isn't actually taught. The best analogy I can think of is trying to teach someone long division by giving them the final exam over and over again. Some brilliant people might figure it out over time, most won't, but many will eventually memorize the answers. They however won't have any understanding of how really to get the answers or why it works the way it does. And when it comes time for them to teach it, they will 'teach' the same way they were taught...
That's a pretty good post, Chris. One of my stints in Aikido was with an instructor that had a few kokyu-tricks he liked to use to impress the peons. One day I realized that I was simply at another political Aikido dojo and I walked out. Some months later, having acquired the knowledge of how to do those same "tricks", I came back for a practice session and watched somewhat sickened at he attempted to assert his "dominance" with the same tired tricks. I could match him and I could see immediately that he was angry. "Dominance" in the pecking order is what I see so often and I think it's what your post is also highlighting. What you see is often not so much teaching these things, but holding out the secrets in order to maintain a peck-order edge.

At least that's a possible interpretation, in too many cases.


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