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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mike Haft wrote:
I've seen my sensei move his hand slowly and have the guy not see it coming, so much so that he got his contact lens knocked out. I've tested his unbendable arm and found it not just unbendable but un-moveable (as in that 6 direction thing people often like to talk about). I've seen four or five guys try to move him unsuccessfully at demos. I've been one of those guys from time to time too and i can assure you I wasn't being in anyway cooperative and lifting him in a way I knew wouldn't work. Short of chewing on him I tried everything, I even looked at him thinking that perhaps an atemi might do the trick, I'll leave you to picture what happened to me after that thought popped into my head.

All of those skills he learned from ki aikido. Perhaps he's not your typical ki-aikido sensei, he's definitely NOT your typical aikido sensei, that much I know for sure.

I'm sure if anyone were involved in this discussion were ever to get the chance they'd probably enjoy practicing with him.

Mike Haft
Here's my question. And by the way, I don't discount your teacher's ability or where he learned it at all. But how many people at your school do you think can also perform on this level? The problem I have with how this sort of thing is 'taught' in aikido/ki-aikido is that it isn't actually taught. The best analogy I can think of is trying to teach someone long division by giving them the final exam over and over again. Some brilliant people might figure it out over time, most won't, but many will eventually memorize the answers. They however won't have any understanding of how really to get the answers or why it works the way it does. And when it comes time for them to teach it, they will 'teach' the same way they were taught...

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