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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mark Gibbons wrote:
Unfortunately that doesn't tell me if the omitted pieces were omitted intentionally, why they were omitted, if Osensei regarded them as essential, or if they really are essential. That tells me Tohei sensei probably regarded them as essential. But if he had them why didn't he teach them effectively enough that we are not having this conversation. I'm probably just too dense to get it though.
There are lots of hypotheses about why Ueshiba failed to actively teach this element. One is that he was afraid of Takeda's ire. If you read S. Pranin's Daito-ryu book, you'll catch a glimpse of their relationship and its later fouling. As is typical in traditional systems, one is not supposed to teach an art without the express permission of the person who instilled its principles in you. Ueshiba may have felt that his later form of aikido was different enough from Daito-ryu that he could freely teach it without having his former teacher get on his case, but teaching the internal aspects may have been a no-no, as they could exist in only their unadulterated original form in order to be effective -- so Ueshiba could not call them his own. Pure conjecture on my part, but not without evidence.

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