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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mike Sigman wrote:
I have no idea what you're practicing, Mark. I'd be tickled to be able to see it. But bear in mind that I've met tons of "Ki Society" people over the years and they will all say that they study what Tohei taught and within their own group they have some idea of where there skills are. To really have a conversation about this stuff, you and I'd have to meet. But keep your eye on the comment I've made a number of times that most people cannot even move honestly from the hara. Prove me wrong.
You are right Mike, you do not have any idea of what I'm practicing. I have no intention of presenting my aikido for you to pass judgement on or to be tickled by also, I don't belong to the Ki Society.

I would look forward to a 'hands on' meeting, but I'm not interested in proving anyone wrong. You obviously have a degree of understanding and skill as do I. Neither has right or wrong attatched to it. I'm sure there are things I could learn from you, as I would hope there are some things you could gain from me.

Moving honestly from the hara is a matter of degree, some people are trying their level best to do so, but not quite getting it, but with perseverence and practice they will get closer to the 'ideal'.

I teach this stuff, and I am also a constant student, when I practice with my peers, I still foul up, it is the nature of practice. When I teach I do what I demonstrate, I show what moving from the hara is, its easy to look impressive when you are teaching.

When it comes to aikido I'm not interested in point scoring, let's save that for the 'general' dicussions



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