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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mark Gibbons wrote:
The argument that "no kokyu, no aikido" assumes the current aikido practioners have no kokyu. I haven't seen that established. This is one place where not practicing aikido weakens credibility. Anyone more senior than I am in aikido, ie almost everyone, is welcome to jump in and correct my opinions.
I dunno, I had about 7-8 years of Aikido practice and I interact with Aikido practitioners regularly. The idea that if I don't go down to the local dojo, where the instructor doesn't know anything but some techniques, and practice is somehow indicating that I can't really understand Aikido... is absurd. If I thought half the people in Aikido understood these things, or 5% of them did, or whatever, I'd say it. I value my reputation for being accurate and honest. The truth is that these skills are almost non-existent in Aikido. Ikeda Sensei didn't invite a karate guy to teach these things because everyone already has the skills, did he?

I took the time once to start a separate thread about the "Oh Yeah's". Everytime one of these conversations starts, the "Oh Yeah, we already do that" guys are out in full force. That's fine; it's perfectly human. But let me say my piece, based on many years of interacting with people, completely focused on these skills..... most people that say they can do these things or who think they already have a "reasonable handle on these skills" are kidding two people... themselves and their students. They're playing exactly that defensive status game that I keep warning against. My first words when I hear these guys start is "Show me". What's embarrassing is when they keep using muscle and shoulder and keep trying to keep the charade going that they know these things when we can both see that they don't. I.e., I'm honestly tired of being caught time and time again in these situations. Please be sure, before we start off with the idea that a lot of people have a handle on these things. Some people have some grasp of some pieces... but generally, just like Ueshiba, Tohei, and others, these studies represents years, not weekends, of studies and you can't just find them all out by yourself.

Off Sermon.


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