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Re: Aikido options in Indonesia -Any Tomiki?

John Kuo wrote:
Hi Larry, "Tarung Derajat" is basically full contact kickboxing with light gloves. Apparently no throws or kicks below the belt allowed, so matches tend to look like bad kung fu movies. A little swipe at Shodokan competition...
Well... I wouldn't know about that since our competition practice looks more like a good samurai movie. Thanks for the info though.

John Kuo wrote:
I can vouch for the Yoshinkan dojo in Bandung; Mark's a good guy. I'm also open to being tossed on my butt by a Shodothug if your student is down around these parts.
I will keep that in mind as an option. I'm also thinking of having him take up Silat while there if he can't train in Aikido for any reason.


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