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Re: opening the joints

Erick Mead wrote:
Kokyu application in what I understand as aikido distingushes it from what is spoken of here. I do not exercise power, because I do not do that which I desire in the midst of conflict. I do not stop my enemy or render his action ineffectual. I do what the enemy very much desire desires, and I very much give his desire effect -- but with a twist.
It is a curious thing that most people are utterly unprepared to get just what they always thought they wanted. The conception of aikido my teachers have given of the "skills" and whole-body movement ensures that when my attacker seeks to take a part of me -- he in fact gets the whole of me -- and nothing less.
Good posts Erick ( and Michael for #35 which prompted Ericks reply)

I particularly like the section I quoted above and have nowt to add apart from bravo!

These forums are interesting and frustrating in equal measure. They provide an arena to discuss our art, an art which can only be understood by literally years of practice with a good teacher.

I find the concept of 'truely' learning any skills from text a big problem. The best that can happen is an awareness that they exist ( or some say they exist ). The only place to 'get' any of the skills that are being endlessly discussed here, is hands on with someone who both has them and has the ability to teach them. If you read something and try it out, without someone to correct you should you get it wrong, then this maybe worse than not doing it at all.

I 'know' I have some relative level of 'internal'/ki/kokyu skills, but I would hesitate to to try and put them into text, as on the mat I demonstrate and explain as best as I can, and some people immediately start to practice something else at least there I can intervene and put them back on track

I'm off to another thread to put my oar in over there.....



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