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Re: Practical internal training ?

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
In a 1996 interview of Koichi Tohei by Stan Pranin, Tohei says that Ueshiba didn't really teach him the most important principles of aikido:

Unfortunately that doesn't tell me if the omitted pieces were omitted intentionally, why they were omitted, if Osensei regarded them as essential, or if they really are essential. That tells me Tohei sensei probably regarded them as essential. But if he had them why didn't he teach them effectively enough that we are not having this conversation. I'm probably just too dense to get it though.

There are arguments that the internal skills are essential.There is also the alleged 99%+ of the 1.5 million aikido folks doing aikido happily without these skills. (My own take on some of the statements about what is missing in aikido.) The arguments are nice but not logically compelling. The argument that "no kokyu, no aikido" assumes the current aikido practioners have no kokyu. I haven't seen that established. This is one place where not practicing aikido weakens credibility. Anyone more senior than I am in aikido, ie almost everyone, is welcome to jump in and correct my opinions.

I think its more likely that as a minimum many( .1 %) of the current aikido folks have some effective skills in this area. Who knows how they got them. I base that on the descriptions of the skills I've heard proposed, what I've seen and felt and the odds of 1.5 million people being deluded vs some 100's having seen the light. Some claim to know. I sure don't.

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