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Re: Practical internal training ?

Mike Sigman wrote:
David Sim wrote:
Erm, since aikido is generally considered to be more or less the stuff that Ueshiba taught, how can the absence of something that he didn't teach mean that people are practising 'not really aikido'?

And could it be that Ueshiba didn't teach this stuff because he didn't consider it to be relevant to what he wanted aikido to be rather than because he was worried that if he taught people all his secrets they'd come after him and kick his ass?
No unwarranted offense meant, David,
As opposed to unwarranted assumption, which is apparently fine ...
Mike Sigman wrote:
... but maybe you should research the common idea that some things are "witheld", like in "Okuden", "Hiden", and so forth. The idea that some techniques are witheld because the higher-level people think they're not relevant just boggles the mind.
raul rodrigo wrote:
He kept the most important things as gokui, hidden teachings-
And ... to slap someone down without any authority, well, it's just plain rude. Your mama'd be ashamed.

Well, unless the Old Man was a liar as well as a madman ....

A Doka from "Okui - The Secrets", (Seiseki Abe, ed.)
O Sensei wrote:
In these teachings listen most
To the rhythm of the strike and thrust
To train in the basics (omote)
Is to practice the very secrets of the art.
And from another Doka (Stevens, tr.):
O Sensei wrote:
Kōjō wa
hiji mo keiko mo
araba koso
gokui nozomuna
mae zo mietari

Progress comes to
those who train in the
inner and outer factors.
Do not chase after "secret techniques,"
for everything is right before your eyes!


Erick Mead
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