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Mark Gibbons
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Re: Practical internal training ?

So far:

Could learn this stuff via:
Maybe Ki Aikido, but probably not.
Maybe some external art but probably get involved with something useless.
Maybe my own dojo, if the senior people are working on this.

Some assertions that there were large parts of Osensei's aikido that didn't make the curriculum and that this was intentional. Contrasted with the legends about all the daito ryu stuff that didn't make the curriculum intentionally. Seems odd to have such important ommisions by accident. Either omitted by design or not essential. No real evidence either way beyond some what informed assertions. No contrasts to kinetic invisibility which I've generally been taught was the goal of aikido.

Criteria for judging the real thing:
Nothing new. I'm left with Dan's can you stand up to various pushes. Some of the folks I train with can do that. Most can't and so far it's not taught in any effective manner to lower ranked kyu students.

I hope that passes as a fair summary. I know there won't be any magic solution. "Go to xxxx, right next door they have everything you want. " But I don't see anything for someone that can't travel extensively that has good odds of teaching these skills. Probably just have to wait until they become more common. Why doesn't someone get rich teaching the NFL how to do and apply these things. That should make them much easier to spread around.

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