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Mike Sigman
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Re: Practical internal training ?

David Sim wrote:
Erm, since aikido is generally considered to be more or less the stuff that Ueshiba taught, how can the absence of something that he didn't teach mean that people are practising 'not really aikido'?

And could it be that Ueshiba didn't teach this stuff because he didn't consider it to be relevant to what he wanted aikido to be rather than because he was worried that if he taught people all his secrets they'd come after him and kick his ass?
No unwarranted offense meant, David, but maybe you should research the common idea that some things are "witheld", like in "Okuden", "Hiden", and so forth. The idea that some techniques are witheld because the higher-level people think they're not relevant just boggles the mind. These are the sort of completely off-the-mark comments that makes me wonder if the discussions are worthwhile on public forums.


Mike Sigman
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