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Michael McCaslin
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Re: opening the joints

Ron Tisdale wrote:
From a practical standpoint, a joint that is fully extended is also close to being hyperextended, which is a risk. You don't want to present an opponent with 99% of an armbar.

Huh, good point. Done that...

I can't wait to progress from "keep doing" to "have done." I'm a slow learner, I'm afraid. There's one person in the dojo who doesn't hesitate to snap them on, so it's been educational.

Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
Are you saying you shouldn't just extend the joint without "ki"? :-)

I'm not sure you were directing this question at me, but I wish I knew enough to answer it!

I know there are things we can do with our muscles that inhibit the flow of ki. I also know we use muscles to extend. What I am not as sure of is that too much extension will inhibit ki. It seems that it could. It also seems that it would develop the tendons and muscles, so it may not be wasted training. In my own experimenting, if I extend too much I feel a structural change in shape that isn't "right." It's a nice stretch, though. In my daily practice I try to avoid doing anything that doesn't have a certain feel to it, so I try to avoid extending too much. Not having a teacher, I may be too conservative in my approach. I am always trying to avoid burning in bad movement patterns. This may cause me to progress more slowly than I otherwise would, or (shudder) not at all.


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