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The conflict...

First of all, how was the conflict caused?

Did one just go out and challenge a boxer to a fight? If that was the case, then I must say that that person have already failed. Because when the desire to win is involved, then it becomes a competition. It is a completely different frame of mind.

Did one accept the challenge from a boxer to a fight? This case also have grief consequences if the desire is the same as the first case. If one did not accept the challenge to a fight, the conflict is resolved to some point.

Did a boxer just come in and suddenly attack? One will have a different frame of mind. Now it is about defending oneself, survival. In this case, anything goes, no rules. Kicks, choke-holds and knee-to-the-groin can apply, but not need to.

We all can discuss which techniques is best until the sun don't shine anymore and it won't make a difference. Every person is different, every boxer is different, and every aikidoka is different. Study the principles well, and one will know what to do at a given moment.

P.S.: I prefer to practice with grapplers, they do everything: kicks, punches, grabs, tackles, choke-holds, etc.

One mustn't try to win, but one must to end the conflict.
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