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Re: Irimi or Omote?!!!

Thank you guys for ur input!

My confusion is that although Omote/Ura are roughly translated to front & back, I so far never seen a waza applied at the back of, or if you prefer behind, uke unless tori is now pulling some shime waza from his Judo/juijitsu katame waza arsenal. To me, the waza so far always get applied either while facing uke or while tori is in front of uke but at an angle after either 'Entering' or 'turning'.

I too heard about those meanings that Jo refered in his quotation from Flashing Steel ...
"The nuances of Omote and Ura are difficult to translate into simple terms. As a general rule, Omote and Ura denote opposite sides of the same object, such as "head" and "tails" of a coin, or the two sides of a sheet of paper or door. This meaning carries with it the notion of one side being readily visible, and the other side being hidden from view. So, while we use the simple translation of "Front" and "Back" for Omote and Ura, it might as well be "Apparent" and "Hidden", or any number of similar meanings."
So "Apparent" to who and "Hidden" from who? ... from publics in early days perhaps?

Ok .. I'll try to shut up and keep training ... but I can't stop the urge of surfing and watching other's
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