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Re: Irimi or Omote?!!!

I asked a similar question to my instructor not too long a go. Omote and Ura don't really come up for us guys (yuishinkai) but i noticed it elsewhere; i just thought they were alternative meanings of irimi and tenkan but they are not really.

Below is taken from a thread from another forum site

The book in question is called Flashing Steel and its about Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido. On page 118 it says:

"The nuances of Omote and Ura are difficult to translate into simple terms. As a general rule, Omote and Ura denote opposite sides of the same object, such as "head" and "tails" of a coin, or the two sides of a sheet of paper or door. This meaning carries with it the notion of one side being readily visible, and the other side being hidden from view. So, while we use the simple translation of "Front" and "Back" for Omote and Ura, it might as well be "Apparent" and "Hidden", or any number of similar meanings."


In our syllabus irimi and tenkan are used (at least so far!) and from those movements come the relative uke-nage positions.

I like getting myself confused, it makes those "Ahh! Now I get it!" moments seem all the more satisfying!

PS fellow newb here!

peace and love budoka

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