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Re: Train of thought

Dan Harden wrote:
Good morning Mark

One one level, as a martial art it, is too lacking for me.
I'd settle for
1. Better external fighting skills; heavy hand punching and use of the legs in throwing, trapping, tripping and kicking, better chokes and ground techniques. then I could have fun playing.
2. The internal skills that made the lesser Martial skills of Aikido so potent to being with.

Most who are adept at either of the above are going to be an overwhelming handful for most.
I think if Aikidoka adopted the second method it would be one of the more potent arts today.
Blimey Dan you're up early

thanks for your reply though and your straightforward honesty. I personally spend my time practicing No 2 and while respecting those who do No 1, I think I'll master 2 before I even go there

No 3 is practicing aikido for the sheer joy inherent in the practice itself. No fighting, no winners, no losers, just fast focussed dynamic movement, throw and be thrown. There is no room for thinking about the relative merits of style, ukemi, what would someone else have done etc etc, as you are too busy just getting on with the practice.

At the end of the day I don't care if I am martially effective or not, I'm having too much fun practicing aikido to worry about things like that



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