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Mike Sigman
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Re: Train of thought

Mary Eastland wrote:
Dan and Mike are big guys...they can take a little ribbing from me.....and Ron thank you for calling me impolite...I was way too polite for years and it got me nowhere and even hurt sometimes. .

Watching that video with the old guy made me feel sad for him...and for his students.....I wish I could understand what was being said so I could know the context of the whole thing. Often things are not as they appear.
And often they are exactly what they appear, but people try to see something else. There's a lot of talk about being "spiritual", but being really spiritual is actually more akin to an unflinching recognition of things for what they really are, not pseudo-self-help too-positive view of life.

And how do you know I didn't have to cry myself to sleep last night from your "ribbing", Mary?????

Here's a little lesson for us on "reality and ma-ai".

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