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Re: Irimi or Omote?!!!

Maumote Chami wrote:
3. Do you only use Irimi/tenkan or Omote/ura or all of the above in your syllabus?
Personally, I make a distinction between irimi/omote and ura/tenkan. For me, irimi and tenkan describe body movements whereas omote and ura describe the location of where my body is in relation to uke. So, as you note, I can do an irimi movement to uke's omote or to uke's ura, and I can also do a tenkan movement to uke's omote or to uke's ura.

I would rather have these distinctions as synonymizing irimi with omote and tenkan with ura, to me, drops a useful set of descriptors for movement and relationship of movement.

-- Jun

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