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Re: Train of thought

Resistance can be logical.
It is illogical to stand in front of nage and just hold strongly with no concern about getting punched. It is illlogical to to muscle nage when you know just where they are going because the both of you are practicing a set technique.

Resisting technique could be done in randori...where you don't fall if you don't lose your balance. Like the rest of Aikido being a good uke is complicated.......that is what makes it so interesting.

I understand that some folks are interested in seeing if technique works when really attacked......I know it does.....I don't separate my training from my life....I use Aikido all the time....(thought I do lose my center from time to time. ) The very cool thing is that I can just get it back....without judgement.

My Aikido training has taught me never to get into an altercation with a person who can and wants to kick my ass.....that is a bad combination of a person and contrary to how people talk on this board..there are not very many of them in my world. And my training keeps me out of their world. (so far.... )

On another note.....on my first post I was attempting to be humorous(hence my smileys) and still make a point. I appreciate the kind responses to my rant...I read about this subject because it does interest me...I respond because I disagree.....or agree just like anyone else.

Dan and Mike are big guys...they can take a little ribbing from me.....and Ron thank you for calling me impolite...I was way too polite for years and it got me nowhere and even hurt sometimes. .

Watching that video with the old guy made me feel sad for him...and for his students.....I wish I could understand what was being said so I could know the context of the whole thing. Often things are not as they appear.

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