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Confused Irimi or Omote?!!!

First of all, please excuse my beginner ignorance in aikido as I only have few months of Aikido training so far.

For sometime, I always thought that Irimi was synonymous with Omote and Tenkan with Ura. I guess I got that from Westbrook's ADS (pg. 155) and from Tohei's Aikido the Coordination of Mind and Body for Self-defense (pg. 85). In addition, our style is highly influenced and in close resemblance, as it seems and look to me, to Koichi Tohei senesei's old days as Dojocho at Aikikai honmbu dojo.

My continuous, bad or good , comparison b/w different styles I noticed that it seems that Aikikai style (from M. Ueshiba's Best Aikido), uses all of these words to further dissect all possible tai sabaki. For example, Shomen uchi nikyo irimi omote (or tenkan omote etc.) As as result, a technique could have four possible Irimi, tenkan, omote, and ura tai sabaki combinations

Yoshinkan styles, on the other hand, seems to only have 1 & 2 for each attack & technique.

1. Are using these 4 words together is a further development by late Ueshiba family to explore different tai sabaki and to give more accurate description?

2. Or were these adverbs been already used in combos together at the time of O'sensei?

3. Do you only use Irimi/tenkan or Omote/ura or all of the above in your syllabus?

I hope I'm not confusing my self un-neccessarly with the different aikido styles there. I guess I'm being 's MMAist
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