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Re: Train of thought

Call me stupid, cause I often am and more lately, but have doubts recently that anyone can be much of a teacher, beyond a good foundation of movement of what is functional (in a dojo practice event) and could show much beyond basics (the really cool stuff that makes one say stuff like "I held him hard and got launched and as I looked for muscle, I didn't feel any"), that level of development is a combination of feeling it strong enough, often enough and thinking this or that and working on it until you start to get it. I feel like it's largely about the idea of personal work where the teacher comes from the hard work they've done themselves. Mostly, of the people I see and feel are my idea of greatness, do teaching beyond showing the basics. They go around and letting the stuff they have gotten scary and fun at, almost priorities or something major for people to develop what they can do themselves, not make everyone exactly look like the teachers, he helps people develop themselves along with principles . People who are called as great teachers are folks who do their bests and work on helping folks attitudes get to the understanding where they get it that it's their job to learn the truth about how it feels when a new technique or aspect of on is useful and Aikido including that personal asset they have. (I think).

Under learning a basic in kata, probably resistance would be a bad thing to learning a basic, but never getting resistance disallows you to understand how YOU, work for yourselves, I think.

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