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Re: Time off...

Hello Stelios,

I too am recent father (son almost 3, daughter turns 1 soon), and I completely identify with your feelings of being torn between two or more loves, never mind out-and-out responsibilities.

What took me a while to realize was that it's all about balance. There are times to not go to class as your wife is sick and those 2 hours of training, as you put, will do no harm if missed.

I decided to attend no more than 2 of the 3 classes per week once my daughter was born for the first 6 months. This gave me the illusion that I was in control, but it at least allowed me to say "Remember, 2 max per week." if something came up.
Oddly, it made my 2 nights a week, or even 1, that much more precious and important.

I believe we will be able to return to previous training habits in about 4~6 years, perhaps sooner.

-PS- I was in Crete in '95 visiting relatives in Iraklio, and enjoyed visiting Chania during our 3 weeks there. Next time through we should meet!

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