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Re: Train of thought

Dennis Hooker wrote:
Dan the Aikiweb is sponsoring a little thing with Chuck Clark, Ellis Andur and some old fossil named Dennis Hooker here in Orlando in Feb. It is the second such event. What if we could persuade Jun and folks to do another in a couple of years in your neck of the woods? Would you be willing to take part in a four way give and take session that we love so much? We ask folks to leave bad attitudes at the door and enter with an open mind and friendly demeanor.
Bleck!!...thats a technical term.... Dennis.. from reviewing traffic studies.

I dunno. First blush would be "No thanks."
I'd rather work with men one-on-one in very small groups and monitor their progress, then to "demonstrate" anything to a large group.
Second thoughts..... A better impact would be to work with guys who are teaching others. I don't want to teach.
If you help them- they will, in turn, fix others. Even with something as simple as Aikido's hanmi- It can take a few hours to work on just that.. Most guys bodies won't open and they recieve the load on their quads and they have to retrain the wast/hip.knees to open on their own. I'd need a whole weekend to really get somewhere for a decent start with someone on a simple set of exercises and training goals.

And last I'd have to consider the pressure of it all. My hats off to you guys who like doing those things.

My best option
I'd have more fun getting together with you four guys after hours (for three hours or so) for a couple of days and training together. That way we'd avoid all the technique stuff and do some simple testing and then get to work. You'll be farther ahead then students to begin with. I'm fairly sure you'd encounter some things you'd want to take home and work on. Who knows maybe I would to. Then you could decide how to incorporate anything I'd be showing you into "your Aikido" and teach them over the years. And -you- can answer all the questions from the guys who don't advance because they won't do the solo work anyway.

Again I have three AIkido guys coming Tues. they teach as well, so its a way I can help and not feel pressured.

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