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Time off...

Amazing how many responsibilities arise when newborns are around! It might also mean one must take time off previously beloved activities (aikido training, for instance) and devote more time to the new family member. Sensible enough. Priorities set right.
Although I believe that, on the long ardous trip in the aikido path, some time off regular practice will do no harm, there is some sort of bitterness left in the mouth when one misses seminar after seminar for some time. Of course, things could have been a lot worse (we have many friends in this forum that are not able to practise at all) but still...
I do not know. Maybe it is that archegon feeling that the more you learn the more you will be able to pass on to the offspring. Lately I have been experiencing this in many aspects of my life, doing things that were left aside for years.
Any wisdom words?
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