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Thanks, Colleen. The only reason I'm doubting the doctor's estimate is that he was not the original doctor we saw, nor an orthopedist. In fact the only x-rays he saw were done four weeks ago, at the time of the break. She goes back in two weeks to see if the cast can come off and will ask further into it. Maybe I can demonstrate for him what she might be doing, like you did. She's understandably distressed by the prospect of losing what will be the equivalent of seven months' training time, but I guess safety first. Perhaps if she only took light ukemi...

You know what's even funnier? It's partially due to her ukemi training that she broke it. She was walking down the stairs and began to slip. Instictively she stuck her leg behind her as if doing a backfall and crunch! This was a fate I narrowly avoided just the day before when I became the first of us to christen the stairs with my backside. Fortunately I went with kick-up type ukemi instead!

Shows what you get for laughing at someone doesn't it?

Thanks again for your advice. Much appreciated!

Chris Pasley
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