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Re: Train of thought

I think one of the biggest conflicts I have seen here on aikiweb over the years (myself being a participant for better or worse) is between those who practice Aikido as a martial art and those who practice Aikido for internal happiness, exercise, socializing, etc. I think you can be in all of these categories but most seem to favor one aside over another.

There is certainly nothing wrong with either of these groups but during training as well as online discussions people are constantly trying to convert the other to their way of thinking. Someone who is more into the esoteric aspect is often going to get annoyed practicing with someone who wants to train hard and realistically and vice versa.

My advice, and this certainly applies to me as well, is to stop trying to make converts and practice your own Aikido. Train Aikido for your goals and stop worrying about the people around you, if there aren't many people who want to train like you try to find another place to train or try to avoid those who are polar opposite.

I used to get angry in Aikido as well as in Judo practicing with people who did not share the same goals. I am one who falls more into the train aggressively and realistically category. However I learned recently to just use the opportunity to slow down and go through motions to develop various aspects of the technique and to save the resistance training for those who also enjoyed training that way. And if someone has very different goals than me I just tend to avoid partnering with them.

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