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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Erick Mead wrote:
The point was about broadening and finding connections between very differing terms of reference. The point was to increase the possibilities of common understanding and communication of the basis of these types of movements.
Erick, I personally think that the point is to convey as much useable information as possible in the simplest terms. For the most part, my opinion is that the basic ideas can be conveyed with the ideas of "force vectors" ('jin', BTW, can also be translated as "force vector") and mental sourcing. I think that's really the first problem.... since you want to see your own theory reflected back to you in some form, you simply don't want to look at a simpler discussion of force vectors. To compound the problem, you want some form of mathematical modelling so that we can discuss this on some form of elitist plane. I simply avoid trying to describe relationships that get into orders of variable that go beyond common understanding... this is not the "let's impress 'em with mathematics" forum.

You need to find someone that can show you how to do these things correctly. And it's sort of like riding a bicycle.... trying to describe how to do it on paper is futile, even though it can be taught fairly easily.


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